Get started with your F1® managerial skills!

Is your team good enough to win tickets to the British Grand Prix or £2000?


Teamwork and good management are essential to delivering successful F1® teams just as they are to ensuring success for your business.

The competition challenges you to work with your team to acquire knowledge and judgement in answering F1 based questions and then, when you have proved yourself to be worthy, you and your team will take a place in the live grand final showdown at the prestigious Silverstone F1 Grand Prix race circuit.

Along the way you will also have the chance to win from a sensational variety of F1® branded race merchandise and Carrera slot car sets in the Drivers Challenge


Competition Structure

The Race Team Manager competition is made up of two exciting strands – The Team Challenge and The Drivers Challenge – you can be part of both.

The competition will last for six race weeks – starting before the Italian Grand Prix on the 27th August and finishing in Mexico City on the 28th October 2018.


Merchants and Contractors

It is open to staff from all UK Builders Merchants and UK Contractors. It requires each race team to work together over a sustained period; the challenge being to ensure good decisions are made every race week. Just like business – the more effort you make the better your chances of success.



Team Composition

All you need to do is get together a team of between 2 and 5 members (remember, the more you have the more knowledge to call on). Each member will need to be registered on the website at the same time as the Team – it will NOT be possible to add people later. Signing up is straight forward and there with no requirement for any long winded form filling.

The Questions

The questions have been drawn up by an auto sport specialist and the answers agreed by an expert panel of advisors. They can be answered by any member of your registered team.

There will be plenty of time to answer the questions as they will be kept open for one week after the relevant f1 race – so plenty of time to discuss. Do remember though the expert advisor’s answer is final!


As soon as one of your team hits the ’submit’ button your answers will be automatically marked, and your team scores will be updated on the website Leaders Board – the leaders will be visible for all to see throughout the competition. Points are awarded for each question answered correctly and will accumulate over the duration of the competition.

Drivers Challenge

Once you are registered as a team member you are also registered as an individual for the Drivers Challenge. This is where there are fantastic prizes to be won for each of the different races throughout the competition. All you need to do is predict the top three drivers and first to pit stop.

An added benefit to undertaking this challenge is that points from the Drivers Challenge may be used to the advantage of a team tying a position to qualify for the Grand Final.

Late Team Registration

JOINING LATE - If your team joins the competition much later than others there are still plenty of opportunities to win - 2 WILDCARDS are there to be won and will take you to the live Grand Final. For the Drivers Challenge you will have the chance of winning every race weekend.

The Grand Final

If you are good enough to finish in the top six of the leader board, or happen to be the lucky winner of a wildcard, you will be awarded a place at the live Grand Final. This event will take place in November 2018 and be held at Silverstone Race Circuit.